Thursday, March 17, 2022

Just checkin' in...

Woolly Eggs knit & felt pattern, embellished eggs, marie mayhew designs
woolly eggs pattern

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't published a pattern in awhile. And you may be wondering, what happened to me. Hope you're thinking of me, cause I've been thinking of you!

Covid has been hard, for everyone. My family and I have been pretty healthy but think I may of caught the latest Covid-version around the first of the year. I got hit with cold-like symptoms and recovered quickly, but my tiredness lingered for a bit too long. I am back to normal now, thank goodness, and hope you are all well too.

woolly eggs in egg cups, marie mayhew designs
I wanted you to know I'm still creating, but something is changing with my art and I'm trying to figure it out. I need to play more obviously and listen to my playing. And I'm not liking what I'm creating and can't figure out why, thus new patterns haven't been coming to light. That's okay. I can feel that something new is coming and that is exciting, and I have given myself the space to create without producing, so to speak. Hope that makes sense. 

I have been experimenting with knitted eggs (not felted like the above photo) and color-knitting. Knit-only patterns pushes me to a new level of knitting, thus I have been viewing a great deal of YouTube videos, learning new stitches and techniques. Felting is so beautiful in that it hides everything! And if you embellish over it, no one notices those knitting imperfections. I am loving the challenge. I'm also thinking of taking an embroidery class and 'officially' learn to embroider. I am a self taught embroiderer so far. Embroidery on knitting is different again, and needs to be used differently as a result. 

Oh, don't get me wrong about felting, I love it and will never give it up. It isn't outdated or spent (to me at least), just different these days. I am a firm believer it is also coming back in the future. 

I'll keep you posted as I go along. I have LOTS of ideas, that is a given. And I'm confident I will be sharing something with you soon. I just really wanted you to know that I am thinking of you all. You have been such an important part of my creativity and I am personally delighted in always being able to share it with you!

Happy knitting!

Monday, February 14, 2022

happy valentine's day!


Lil' Bunny Kisses pattern with valentine heart
bunny hugs to you!

Wishing you this day some sweetness: a day of sunshine, chocolate kisses, and some quality knitting time! Above is my photo valentine to you. 

side view
I made this bunny for a customer and she wanted the heart to go with it. So I inserted a long needle threaded with two strands of fingering weight yarn through the heart and coming out in each paw. Then I pulled the two strands taught against the paw and tied the ends into a bow. That way, the heart can be removed one day if desired. I just had to share with you. Everyday is Valentine's Day when you can give a bunny!

The pattern is my Lil' Bunny Kisses PDF pattern and the heart, Woolly Sweet-Hearts PDF.

Happy knitting!

Friday, December 10, 2021

Lil' bunny kisses for sale!


Little Bunny Kisses knit and felt pattern, marie mayhew designs

This little guy is for sale in my 2nd Etsy shoppe, my sample shop. I named him Stanley and he comes with a birth certificate too. A perfect little gift to tuck inside a holiday stocking, peeking out at you.

He measures about 8-inches tall from his toes to the tip of his ears. He was first knit using 100% wool and felted down to a tight, nubby boiled-wool texture, great for cuddling and durable too. Stanley has black glass eyes, but I can change them out for yarn ones, if desired. I do recommend yarn eyes for small children for fear of swallowing. 

Blue Bunny full body view, marie mayhew designs
lil' bunny kisses pattern
In fact, if you want a different name and birth date, that is easy to accommodate. Who does he look like to you?

Tomorrow, I will be pleased to introduce you to his sister, Andrea, a little white bunny, slightly smaller than Stanley, but just as cuddly.

The already-knitted bunnies are just the start of something new for me. I am hoping to create an array of little guys and gals dressed in hand-knit outfits. I hope to sell them outright to proud customers like yourself. I feel like a kid again, playing with my dolls and stuffed animals. 

In 2022, I am hoping to complete my story (which I have started) about these little woodland critters. In addition I want to finish designing patterns for 3 more characters: fox, raccoon and badger. 

Go to my 2nd Etsy shoppe and check out these two little bunny siblings. While you're there, look around, I have lots of other whimsical samples for sale, just in time for your holiday giving!

Happy knitting!

PS - want to knit a bunny of your own? Check out my website* and my Lil' Bunny Kisses pattern!


Tuesday, December 7, 2021

the weather outside is frosty!


roly-poly snowman pincushion

snowbird pins

The weather outside is frightful, but knitting inside is delightful! Wouldn't you agree? This little guy captures the feel of winter around the country. Enjoy a little winter fun without all the cold and wet, knit a pincushion or two for your favorite winter enthusiasts, complete with decorative clay pins.

My Roly-Poly Snowman Pincushion pattern is available PDF format only. It is a knit and felt pattern, knit in one continuous piece, no sewing or piecing required. I love this guy and hope you will too!

Happy knitting!

Thursday, November 18, 2021

bird's of a feather flock together!

Marie Mayhew's Woolly Bird Ornaments
woolly bird ornaments

I'm getting in the holiday mood early this year, for me that is. Usually I am making ornaments and knitted orders for others, but this year I am having a bit of fun playing with new ideas for selling the finished product. 

blue bird ornament
You really haven't heard much from me this year, it's been a slow year 2021, not a lot of creating unfortunately. It happens. Its part of the creative process, or so 'they' say. But the winds are shifting. Something is stirring and I'm starting to play again. I have a new motto: I'm showing up to play and I'm going to play hard! Interesting, huh? I think so too.

The birds on this page are three of these new ideas. I have taken the Woolly Birds pattern and knit the birds using fingering weight yarn and size 5 double point needles. Same pattern but different results: an ornament size. I have sold my bird ornaments for several years now. The Woolly Birds pattern gives instructions on how to turn the one bird-like shape (round and chubby) into a worsted weight yarn size Robin, Cardinal and a Chickadee. It's all in the embellishing with a little needle felting and simple embroidery.

Marie Mayhew's woolly birds ornaments
oriole bird ornament
But this holiday season I have added three more birds to my bird collection: an Oriole, a Goldfinch (above), and a Blue Bird. I just love them! These bird ornaments are only available through my Etsy store sold as 2-inch wide by high ornaments. My pattern, Woolly Birds, is also available in both PDF and booklet format.
Marie Mayhew's woolly bird Oriole ornament
goldfinch bird ornament
I have an old fashioned fir tree on a black metal stand in my kitchen. I decorate it with these little birds as well as glass acorns and glittery silver pinecones. I don't take it down until almost Spring!

Each bird is knit and felted in my washing machine, and then stuffed with wool stuffing to hold its shape from year-to-year. Each bird is then embellished individually with a touch of needle felting, embroidered feather stitch on the wings and a smidge of wool appliqué, if needed. They're not exact but they sure give the essence of these birds in the wild.

Each bird comes in its own cello bag, sitting in a nest of raffia, signed and dated by me, and finally, tied with a black silk ribbon bow. Ready for quick and easy gift giving! A perfect hostess gift this holiday season!

Come by my store and check out my Woolly Birds Collection. Let me know what you think!

Happy knitting!

Friday, October 15, 2021

halloween knitting treats!


black retro-cat pincushion

black retro cat pincushion pattern
buy me!
Tricks-and-treats time again! Knitting those Halloween treats just got even sweeter. My pincushion design for the month of October is the Black Retro-Cat PDF pattern. An easy knit and felt cat head with simple wool/acrylic felt embellishments. Its all in the detailing!

The cat head measures about 4-inches tall, including the ears. It is knit as one continuous piece, in the round, and no sewing needed. The pattern walks you through the embroidery. A great beginner's project with simple easy stitches. Nothing fancy. It just looks that way!

The clay stick pins shown above are from Just Another Button Company. They assembled this whimsical combination just for me and my cat pattern. You can only purchase this combination of pins through my Etsy store.

Be sure to check out my second Etsy store called MyWoollysomethings in which I'm selling off my samples for reduced prices. I have several pumpkins in various colors and textures, plus a large and small retro cat all done and ready for gift giving. Get them while you can!

Happy Halloween to all my favorite knitters. Its a fun time to be knitting as the weather gets cooler!

Happy knitting!

Thursday, September 23, 2021

an apple a day, knit one!

marie mayhew apple pincushion pattern
back-to-school apple pincushion

It's time for Autumn knitting! The first day of Fall was just a couple of days ago, so you're not far behind. How about starting with an apple pincushion for that favorite teacher in your life? The apple pattern is a quick and easy knit & felt design with endless possibilities as there are apple varieties: A Red Delicious, a Golden Delicious, and even a Granny Smith (see where I am going with this).

The pattern uses so little yarn, 100% wool, in your favorite red colors. It is knit completely in the round with no sewing necessary. It is felted and decorated with a cinnamon stick stem and knit leaf. The knit leaf adds a wonderful new texture to the apple's smooth felted wool. Knit up a basket full of these savory treats for your table decor. Its just about Harvest Time!

marie mayhew apple pincushion pattern
golden delicious apple pincushion
Next month's pincushion, October, is a Retro-Black Cat, perfect for a Halloween themed-knit that is both decorative and functional. My goal is to finish my pincushion series within the next six months (6 more to go). I have a fluffy little Out-like-a-Lamp March sheep pincushion almost finished! Then onto my spring and summer pincushion ideas to finish off a whole year of decorative pincushion designs.

The mini-set of pins that go perfectly with the Back-School Apple pincushion was created by Just Another Button Company especially for me (per my request/suggestion). I sell both the PDF apple pattern and the School Days mini-pin set on either my website or my Etsy store.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions on any of my patterns, techniques or ideas. I am always here to help!

Happy knitting!