Saturday, July 16, 2016

a black owl special

halloween owl sale
Start your Halloween knitting a little early this year! I am selling out of my skeins of black Nature Spun worsted weight yarn and as an incentive, I am throwing in the Woolly Owl pattern for half off. I am calling it the 'black owl special'. One skein will make one owl with some leftover yarn.
woolly owl pattern

The pattern comes with two owl designs: the tufted-ear and the round head. I like the tufted-ear version for making black owls the best, but don't be limited by that. Nature Spun worsted yarn felts beautifully! Add a fine mohair along with the knitting to get a finished hairy-like fuzzy look (such as Frog Tree Suri alpaca or Rowan Kidsilk Haze) once felted the owl can be brushed with a nap riser brush.

Each owl stands about 8-inches tall after felting. A quick and easy knit project! The fun is in the embellishing, adding all your little details. Enjoy!

Happy knitting!