Thursday, June 30, 2016

a cheesy felting tool

cheese grater

I just have to tote the wonders of my handy-dandy cheese grater! I recommend this trick all the time to my felting classes, but I highly recommend it now!

Yesterday I was felting in my Wonder Washer an all-cream sheep for a customer, and I wasn't liking how it was felting. I had felted it, stuffed it with fiberfill and as it dried the stitch definition returned. I knew this yarn was capable of felting better (by past experience). Normally I would pull out the stuffing and throw the piece back into the wash for another cycle or two, but I was concerned about the sheep's leg holes felting shut making it difficult to insert the leg wires afterwards.

back and forth against the grates
In a panic, I pulled out my ordinary cheese grater, hoping for a miracle. I wet the sheep with soap and water and rubbed the stuffed body vigorously back and forth against the smallest grates (bumpy-side up), and it felted beautifully! No stitch definition what so ever! I was relieved and so pleased.

Using the cheese grater gave me precise control over particular areas as well as broader ones as well. Great for those items that just need a little extra felting help. I encourage you to try it, if you haven't already. You'll love the results!

Happy knitting!

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