Sunday, May 17, 2015

whimsical woollies, my book

Available June 1, 2015
Well, the time has finally come, and I can hardly wait to have a copy, a real printed copy, in my hands and not a proof sheet with red line corrections scribbled everywhere! My book, Whimsical Woollies, is available for distribution on or around June 1st, 2015, with only weeks away! I am so excited and nervous nonetheless, hoping you'll like it as much as I do. It has been long awaited, that is for sure.

Whimsical Woollies is available for pre-order online with Amazon, Stackpole (the publisher), Barnes & Noble and other wonderful and favorite book outlets. It feels good to have it completed and all those ideas, thoughts and suggestions now down on paper, a great resource even for me. Love that!

I will keep you posted when it is available in the actual stores. Be sure to tell your favorite yarn stores to carry the book as well. Thanks for making all this possible, for buying my patterns so long ago and loving knit & felt as much as I do.

Happy knitting!

PS - My copy of the book came in the mail today and it is beautiful! The cover is soft, and it opens easily as it sits on your lap while knitting. I am so very pleased. I think you will be too!