Friday, June 29, 2012

woolly kitty kat

woolly kitty kat
I have decided to start sharing with you a few photos of my soon-to-be released (August 2012) new projects, especially as they are getting closer to printing stage.

Here is my Woolly Kitty Kat pattern. I just love his little face! A quick knit and felt. And easy embellishments too.

Believe it or not, that tail has been a dickens to get 'just right'. I have a few ideas still to try, but it is getting closer and closer.

This little guy is knit using a sport weight orange yarn carried together with Rowan's kidsilk haze to give the kitty that whimsical fuzzy feel. He will stand, after felting and stuffed with fiberfill, about 9-inches tall.

I hope to have some black kat kits complete with yarn and pattern for sale as a Halloween special.

This pattern is for all those kitty lovers out there, who love to knit and need that special companion!

Stay tuned . . .

Sunday, June 17, 2012

fork pom-poms

I have had this tutorial on my Pinterest boards for quite sometime and decided today to try it. Making tiny pom poms using a fork and a little yarn. Very clever idea!

Simply wrap a fork with yarn and tie off. These pom poms are smallish in size. Great size for the snowman and snowbaby's hats! If you wanted a larger pom pom you would need a wider fork to wrap such as a serving fork size.

Here is the link to the tutorial by Eskimimi Makes: How to Make Pom Poms Using A Fork.

Friday, June 8, 2012

my pinterest summer adventure!

Sorry to say I haven't written in here in a while. Two good reasons though.

One, I am working like crazy to finish writing several new patterns by the end of this summer. I am really excited about them. Preview photos to come soon.

Secondly, I've been having fun playing on my other blog: Been There. Done That. On the new blog I have daily entries regarding my new adventure. I am calling it: 'My Pinterest Summer Adventure'. My goal is to try a new pin each day, then report back what I think. Did I like it? If I do, then does it receive the 'red pin award'. A symbol that I would definitely try it again.

So far I've tried a new taco salad, an underarm stain remover, the best-ever oven fried, a Picmonkey collage tutorial and several others!

It has been stimulating experimenting with these new ideas. The goal is to hopefully push my level of creativity to new heights. Stay tuned . . .

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