Sunday, December 2, 2018

k1b? Help Me!

(k1b, k1) increase video

Having questions on how exactly you do a 'k1b' increase? Especially in regards to my newest pattern, Pillow-Toss Pumpkin? Well, so glad you asked!

I created a YouTube video to help with this confusion (I'm just learning the how-to's with the video stuff, so be patient with the end result). The 'k1b' increase is easier than it sounds. Knitting below creates a near-invisible increase, perfect when used with super bulky yarn such as this pumpkin pattern calls for.

After viewing the video if you still have questions, don't ever hesitate to contact me personally via email (mariemayhewdesigns@gmailcom). I will gladly walk you through the pattern. No question is too small. Remember, I am always here to help!

Happy knitting!

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