Friday, October 7, 2016

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch pattern
Create your own pumpkin patch without getting your hands dirty! This fall knit a basket of pumpkins in bright autumn colors.

Introducing my newest pattern, Pumpkin Patch! I am calling it a 'just knit' pattern, the first in my new line of patterns. Knit patterns with no felting required! That's right, no felting.

I am planning on turning several of my existing 'knit & felt' patterns into 'just knit' patterns within the next year. Learning to knit so tight, to create a firmer fabric without felting is a trick for me, but I think I am getting the hang of it.

I really like this pattern for several reasons: one being the texture the simple knit stitch creates, and secondly, the opportunity to use a variety of yarns. No longer am I limited by all-wool yarns. Rather I can use cottons, even ribbon if I wanted too.

The pattern gives instructions to create three pumpkin sizes: small, medium and large. The pumpkin is knit in one continuous piece with no sewing of seams. It is stuffed with fiberfill. Once stuffed, six furrow lines, a lacy knit leaf and a curly beaded vine are attached. Pumpkin Patch is a quick and easy knit. This pattern is recommended for intermediate knitters because experience with double point needles is necessary. Pumpkin Patch is available in either booklet or PDF format. Enjoy!

Happy knitting!