Sunday, January 17, 2016

hand-knit for you

hand-knit for you
I knit custom orders for customers all the time. Sometimes they want a sample to knit from while they knit their very own. Sometime the hand-knit is a special gift for a special someone, or finally it comes down to it that they don't knit but appreciate hand-knit items.

The beauty of custom knitting is you can request details that can be added to your little sculpture -- such as size, specific colors, expressions -- all contributing to that truly one-of-a-kind custom order!

So if you have been admiring one of my patterns for some time, but have been hesitating, why not consider having it custom knit for you. I do all my own knitting and felting, and look forward to working with you soon. Don't hesitate to ask.

Happy knitting!

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