Sunday, November 22, 2015

a 'how to' video

N is for Noel, Just Pins

I recently posted on my Facebook page a video demonstrating how Just Another Button Company makes the clay buttons and pins, as shown above on my woolly holiday ornament. Just in case you didn't see it there I am posting it here. It is fascinating to watch, a little slow but it speeds up near the end. A lot goes into the making of those simple buttons and pins. You get a new appreciation of them after watching this video.

I have for sale a nice selection of pins and several sizes and styles of bee buttons available in my Etsy Shoppe. Hope you enjoy the video!

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

nap riser brush

nap riser brush (not actual size)
I was signing my book at Knit'n from the Heart, a local yarn store here in Minnesota, this weekend as well as demonstrating a few needle felting/embellishing techniques. I pulled out my trusty nap riser brush, and everyone oohed and awed: What is that? and where do I get one of those?

The brush fits snugly on your thumb.
I am always surprised that everyone doesn't have a brush since I have been selling them for years. So I would like to reintroduce it to you. I use my brush for fluffing up most of my woolly sculptures: my penguins, the chicks, the bunnies, the owls, and even my snowmen. The little brush fits snugly on your thumb or whatever finger gives you the best brushing action, see photo to the right. This woolly robin was knit using Lamb's Pride worsted yarn.

As you brush the wire bristles raise the nap of the wool's surface to create a fuzzy, soft hairy creature. This is especially true when using yarns with mohair or alpaca in them, but it works on most any yarns to create a softer surface. The brushing can also help to hide some of the imperfections in felting too, smoothing out the surface to a more even consistency. 
Same bunny before and after brushing with the nap riser.
I originally found these brushes in an embroidery store. It is designed to fluff up the beards on your embroidered Santa.  How will you use your nap riser brush?

Happy knitting!