Friday, October 23, 2015

DIY matroyshka dolls, kinda

a work in progress
All these girls need are a few details like a little stuffing, a smiling face, and they will be able to stand on their own, literally! That's right, I am selling off a few unfinished samples that I have in boxes around my house. With these samples you don't have to buy the yarn, do the knitting and felt them down to size -- I have already done that for you! 

a finished work
In the process of creating and perfecting new patterns, I can accumulate quite a few samples. Some make the cut and some do not. Some require more tweaks, adding stitches here or taking them away. I never know what each felting wash will bring me. As a result of this tweaking process, I have five sets of dolls in various colors for sale on my Etsy shoppe. If you have not made a Matroyshka doll before you will need to purchase the pattern (booklet or PDF format). But if you have, and want to make another, well then, you are half way to your goal with one of these sets.

I am planning on adding other samples to my Etsy shoppe for sale such as kats, gnomes, pumpkins and a few surprises (some projects I don't have patterns for yet). I have to look what else is in that bin!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Enjoy!

Happy knitting!

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