Friday, October 23, 2015

DIY matroyshka dolls, kinda

a work in progress
All these girls need are a few details like a little stuffing, a smiling face, and they will be able to stand on their own, literally! That's right, I am selling off a few unfinished samples that I have in boxes around my house. With these samples you don't have to buy the yarn, do the knitting and felt them down to size -- I have already done that for you! 

a finished work
In the process of creating and perfecting new patterns, I can accumulate quite a few samples. Some make the cut and some do not. Some require more tweaks, adding stitches here or taking them away. I never know what each felting wash will bring me. As a result of this tweaking process, I have five sets of dolls in various colors for sale on my Etsy shoppe. If you have not made a Matroyshka doll before you will need to purchase the pattern (booklet or PDF format). But if you have, and want to make another, well then, you are half way to your goal with one of these sets.

I am planning on adding other samples to my Etsy shoppe for sale such as kats, gnomes, pumpkins and a few surprises (some projects I don't have patterns for yet). I have to look what else is in that bin!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Enjoy!

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

a book review

This past weekend I had lunch with my friend Beth, a knitting buddy of mine. She kindly asked how my book was selling thus far, had I heard anything? I told her I was clueless how it was selling. She went on to tell me she had bought a copy for her mother for Christmas. Her mom is a brilliant crafter but alas not a knitter. Beth told me her mom loved my embellishing ideas, and that I made them sound so simple and doable. She wants to use the book as a resource as she crafts to help stimulate her own creativity. I was so pleased to hear that!

Her story reminded me of a book signing I did in a yarn store this summer in Rochester, MN when the book first came out. People would come up to me excited about my patterns and to meet me. I would promptly introduce them to the book and several would say, "No thanks. I already have several of your patterns." I silently thought to myself: Oh no, but you are missing out! This is a book I would definitely buy myself for the ideas alone. The cover photo alone screams: LOVE ME!

I quickly found myself telling them out loud that this book has become my personal resource I intend to refer to time and time again. All my favorite embellishing techniques thus far are in this book. All my tried-and-true tips and tricks of the trade are in this book. Some patterns you won't find anywhere else anymore, like Matilda the Witch. In addition many of these patterns are new and improved. They have been updated to be easier to knit using yarns more accessible to a variety of knitters. Not to mention a complete felting guide which includes the portable Wonder Washer. Everything I use and love, all contained in one book, Whimsical Woollies. This book has become my own portable Pinterest board, so to speak.

Beth suggested to help get the word out that I tell this story by giving my own thorough book review. And so I will review each section of my book in several blog segments. Hope you will stick around. Don't hesitate to ask questions or throw in your own reviews. I would love to hear from you.

The next chapter for me to review is 'Cause I Felt Like It: The Basics of Felting

Happy knitting!