Thursday, April 23, 2015

NEW! yarns by-the-yard

novelty yarns by-the-yard

I am pleased to announce that I have a variety of novelty yarns available for sale by-the-yard in my Etsy Shoppe! That's right, no need to purchase a whole skein when you only need 3-4 yards for a Woolly Nest & Eggs pattern or a Woolly Owl. Each novelty yarn sells for $0.75/per yard. Mix and match a variety of colors at such a great deal!
woolly acorn with FIZZ novelty yarn

Yarns available for sale so far are SQUIGGLE, shown above, FLORA, JOY and FIZZ, with more yarns being added. These are available for a limited time only, that is, until the yarns sell out. In addition, I do have two of these novelty yarns available as a whole skein too: SQUIGGLE (natural color) and FIZZ (wood grain).

Novelty yarns are a wonderful addition to any felted project! Novelty yarns are added along while knitting with any felt able wool yarn and because these fibers consist of fine polyester/nylon strands, they do NOT felt when thrown into the washing machine. Thus the colorful, textured fibers 'pop-out' from the felted wool to create a unique twiggy-like or hairy-look to your nests, acorn tops, your owl's wings and more!

Happy knitting!