Sunday, January 11, 2015

NEW! woolly bunny kits!

woolly bunnies kits

I have just listed these new Woolly Bunny Kits on my Etsy shoppe. Each kit contains all the materials to knit and felt TWO cream bunnies, shown above, in either or both positions: laying-down and/or sitting-up. This kit with its whimsical tag would make a great addition as is to any knitter's Easter basket.

This kit obviously includes the pattern, but if you already have one and just need the yarn and materials, I will also have another kit available with only the yarn, color roving of your choice and floss to make at least 6 more cream bunnies.
Tan or pink? Which do you prefer?

I did a quick survey on Facebook, asking which bunny people liked: a bunny with pink or tan ears and cheeks, and it was pretty much a tie. So I will be offering kits for both colors.

These bunnies are not limited to just cream yarns though. They make a great stash buster. The Woolly Bunnies pattern is a quick and easy knit and felt.  It comes in either a PDF download or 12 page booklet style pattern.

Just remember though, these bunnies seem to multiply like all little bunnies do. Soon you will be gifting bunnies to everyone you know!

Happy knitting!