Saturday, December 6, 2014

a DIY series of little ornaments

woolly bird holiday ornaments

Advent is upon us, and Christmas is just about a block away it seems. Wow! Where did this year fly by to? But it ain't over yet.

I thought it might be fun to have an DIY, An Ornament Series to help those who truly desire to make something for gift giving, but don't have a lot of energy to come up with a simple, sweet gift. So I feel like playing, would you like to join me?
Frog Tree Alpaca in all four colors

Today's first ornament is from the Woolly Bird Holiday Ornament pattern: both in PDF download or booklet styles. The pattern comes with instructions to knit & felt  4 little birds: an owlette (shown above), a cardinal, a tufted-ear owl, and a penguin chick. I will be featuring one or maybe two more of these little guys within the weeks to come.

This owlette literally takes 15 minutes to knit. I timed it! It consists of a little knit ball made from sport weight yarn. My favorite yarn for this project is Frog Tree Alpaca sport #000 cream, but anything with alpaca will work beautifully. The alpaca makes it ideal for vigorously brushing with a nap riser brush. The brush pulls out the surface hairs to create this fuzzy little creature in the end.

The eyes are little buttons and the beak a quick, needle felted nose made from grey wool roving. Each time I make an owlette, once I sew on those eyes and needle felt that beak, while brushing I begin to smile as if I am viewing him for the very first time. Don't know how to needle felt? This pattern will give you the simple know-how to fall in love with another new hobby, if so desired.

The pattern gives instructions for making the wired hook for hanging, but you can also thread a simple ribbon or twine through the head, giving the ornament a more rustic feel.

Simple and sweet! That's what I'm interested in these days. A little creativity with big results in the end. Enjoy!

Happy knitting!