Saturday, November 29, 2014

something 'woolly' new & old

woolly gnome & mushroom pattern

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all of you!

I am in the midst of editing a book, and am in the throws back and forth with my editor. So far so good. The book is scheduled to come out spring of 2015, just around the corner!

One of the patterns in the book is my Woolly Gnome & Mushroom with all its adaptations, with more details and photos to stimulate your creativity. As a result of this though, as of the first of the year (January 1, 2015), I will be pulling the free downloads off of my website and the only way to get them will be through my new book. So, head's up, get 'em while they last! I had some technical problems with putting Matilda the Witch on there, so if you want her just email me and I will send it directly to you.

But stay tuned because I have two new gnome PDF versions I'm playing with now for next year. I am excited to share them with you soon.

Happy knitting!


  1. A book! A book! Oh i am so excited i can't stand it! It is about time. So thrilled to hear the news. Let us know when it is ready for pre-order!!!

  2. Thanks for your encouragement, Pam. I will keep you posted!

  3. Marie This pattern is one of my favorites of yours, I have two of these little fella's setting on my desk top year round, they bring me such joy! Cant wait for the book! Congrats.

  4. Thanks for your sweet notes. I am struggling with all the doubts with this book, of course, and sure needed the encouraging word :) Blessings on you all!

  5. I just posted about the book and shared my Woolly Gnome and Santa Gnome. So excited and will keep my readers posted. Also posted pix on Instagram. I always love unpacking my Gnomes and just had to share them. Hoping you will have a little time for the holidays. I know that editing process can sure be a "polar bear"!

  6. My brother is in publishing and he says each side gets a deck of cards and you learn quickly when to hold and when to play them. And he is so right! Thanks for your support always, Pam!