Thursday, December 5, 2013

just a bit loopy - the next day!

woolly sheep
Remember the 'before' photo of this woolly sheep? that scrawny-little thing just waiting to be washed and felted? Well, here is the final result . . . I am so pleased with this little guy!

The pattern is my Woolly Sheep using Cascade 220 worsted weight yarn, #8010 cream, and adding the loopy stitch throughout the body. For further details see earlier post 'just a bit loopy'.

After felting the sheep and once it was completely dried, I brushed the body vigorously with a nap riser brush to create extra softness and fuzziness. Even though Cascade 220 worsted does not contain any mohair or alpaca, it still brushes the fibers enough to create a softness to the wool. I brush EVERYTHING these days. You can never be too sure.

In addition, I created a black sheep version too, below. On this sheep I trimmed the wild-looking ends that emerged from brushing (didn't do this on the cream version), and thus created a more nubby-look to the overall body. It really is personal preference which version you prefer.
And to finish it off, a sheep in or two! A perfect pin cushion for the Just Pins 'Sheep' pins, wouldn't you agree?

Happy knitting!

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  1. Totally adorable. I really want to make one soon - BUT I am not making another thing til I finish my Matryoshka and make at least one Christmas ornament!!!