Tuesday, June 4, 2013

woolly snowman kits

woolly snowman kits
Summer months are usually slow for me business-wise what with everyone occupied with gardening and getting their kids finished with school for the year. Traditionally the yarn stores slow down as well. This Spring I have a son graduating from high school, thus I have been occupied with 'other' things other than creating much. But it hasn't stopped me from dreaming about future projects!

This fall I will be offering a Woolly Snowman Kit complete with pattern, beads, yarn and more! The kit will be part of the celebration of 10 years of snowman making. Where has the time flown? I seem to be asking this question a lot lately what with my son graduating.

I love the snowman pattern for its whimsey. It is one of my earliest patterns and has grown through the years with the addition of hats and accessories. I never tire of it, but I do have to follow my own instructions each and every time.

I am now buying the yarns needed for each kit, so stay tuned for further details.

Happy knitting!

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  1. What a wonderful idea!!! Making your snowmen is one of my favorite ways to spend my crafty time. And when done - there is that smiling face to remind me how much fun I had while he was under construction!

    Yes! Do keep us posted!