Friday, February 15, 2013

woolly sheep pin cushion

woolly sheep
Last week I started a Woolly Sheep knit-a-long on my Ravelry group, that's woolly something, and the photo above is the end result. I like my little guy!

I used yarns from my stash, Berroco Ultra alpaca worsted weight yarns, but after felting I don't think the cream was Berroco at all, only the black yarn. It didn't brush out nicely with my nap riser brush like it should have. I am not good at marking my yarns as I should. Oh well!

one in every family
To embellish over my disappointment in how the cream felted, I created a curly-cue pattern using 3-inch strands of 2-ply yarn and needle felting them onto the sheep. It is a little putzy, but worth the effort! The occasional dots here and there are embroidered french knots using the same yarn as the curls as well as to stitch the nose. FYI, I only embellished the sheep's front!

The pins are from Just Another Button Company and they are called 'button box'. The colors match perfectly! Another set of pins that would look equally as cute on my sheep are thematically called 'one in every family'.

I am starting a KAL (knit-a-long) of my Woolly Snowman starting hopefully today!

Happy knitting!

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