Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yarns for Sale!

Frog Tree Brushed Suri - CREAM
I have been doing inventory these past few days, counting each and every ziplock bag, pattern and whatever else I can find that needs to be accounted for. In the process, I found several skeins of Frog Tree brushed suri. These skeins are leftovers from my Woolly Sheep Kit days.

I absolutely love this yarn! It is a fingering weight yarn that is perfect for carrying along with another feltable yarn to create soft and fuzzy little bunnies or sheep or owls, you name it. Don't be limited by only adding a cream yarn along with it. Use it with a grey worsted weight yarn and create a fuzzy variegated owl. Or along with a black worsted to create a little bigger grey-like kitty kat. The addition of Frog Tree's brushed suri doesn't distort the shape of whatever you are felting.

Speaking of black worsted yarns, I also found several skeins of Nature Spun worsted weight, #601 Pepper. This too is leftover from my Woolly Sheep Kit days.

Nature Spun worsted weight - BLACK
Both yarns are available on my Etsy shoppe for a limited time only. That is, until they sell out. Get them while they last!

Happy Knitting!

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