Friday, January 11, 2013

woolly santa ornament

woolly gnome & mushroom pattern
I created this santa gnome ornament over the holidays and just love him!

I used the same Woolly Gnome & Mushroom pattern. As you can see he is smaller than my usual gnome, a perfect size for the tree or wreath. I hung him along with my matroyshka doll ornament on my dining room chandelier -- decked with pine boughs, little glass pine cones and ball ornaments.

This gnome santa is made using Cascade 220 fingering weight red yarn and size 5 dps. I needle felted a bigger nose and used embroidery thread for the eyes. I knit the gnome’s hat’s brim with the cream yarn and once felted, needle felted a decorative trim on to give the brim a fur-like look. The beard is needle felted wool roving. No feet on this gnome.

I also stuffed him with woolly stuffing so it would hold its shape longer. Plus the stuffing allowed me to needle felt it afterwards into desired shape. I love woolly stuffing for that little trick alone!

It would be cute with a white jingle bell on top too.

Happy Knitting!


  1. I am head over heels over here!!! Little tree ornaments using the Gnome pattern! Brilliant!

    Even the full size Santas were surprisingly simple and quick to knit up. The only hard part ever was waiting until they dried so the needle felting could begin!!!

    Thank you! Must make a few as gifts!

  2. If you notice closely, Pam, my little ornament was inspired by your larger santa gnomes! It is nice that we all work together for the common good, don't you agree?