Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New pattern available!

I can't believe it myself, but yes, I have another new pattern this year, Woolly Bird Holiday Ornaments! I am excited because they are so quick and easy to knit up and whimsical to embellish.

The birds call for alpaca sport weight yarn. That way after felting they can be vigorously brushed using the nap riser brush, to create fuzzy, soft little creatures! The perfect final touch to these little birds. The birds in the photo were knit using Frog Tree alpaca sport weight. One skein makes dozens of birds.

I actually timed the knitting process. Each bird took 15 minutes to knit up. The embellishing materials include many items found already in your craft bin: acrylic felt, embroidery floss, wool roving for the beaks and 20-gauge wire (found in any craft store) for the hooks. Don't be intimidated by the hooks, I give very detailed instructions and diagrams.

My favorite ornament? The cream owlet, of course! I love that simple little face! Which is your favorite bird ornament?

Word of caution, you will be making them for everyone this year!

Happy knitting!

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  1. OMG these are totally adorable! And I do not need one more thing to do by Christmas - trust me! But I just ordered my pattern! How could I not? Too too adorable! Must find my clone - I know she is packed in the garage somewhere!!!