Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Robin Egg Blue, Look No Longer!

I FOUND IT! It's been hard to find a yarn that invokes the feeling of robin's egg blue, as well as, have it felt beautifully and consistently. The yarn is Lamb's Pride Nature Spun sport weight, #115 Bit of Blue. I love using this yarn when I knit the Woolly Nest & Eggs pattern.

my favorite nest of all times

When knitting a nest, think like a bird but don't be limited by the traditional bird-like colors: muddy-brown or dusty-gray. Any nest color can be coordinated to match a funky ribbon or yarns used for your eggs. For additional whimsey, change out the egg colors!

The nests below are both knit using the same pattern directions. But the smaller nest used a strand of sport weight rather than worsted weight yarn. Sport weight yarn and size 8 dps creates a smaller nest, a perfect size for one little baby bird egg. Make your own family nest and fill it with an egg for each child in your family. A great new baby gift idea!

And finally, the Easter-basket nest! Fill this nest with decorative, whimsical knitted eggs or how about edible eggs, colorfully wrapped chocolate truffles! Who says they have to look like a 'real' bird laid them?

With this whimsical nest, be sure to buy a few colorful feathers to line its bottom. Dyed bird feathers can be found in a hobby store. They create a perfect cushion, as well as, a fun accent color for your little eggs! 

If you ever have trouble locating a yarn I have used in my patterns just send me an email. I can hook you up with a store or two that carries that specific yarn(s). Contact me here:

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