Friday, September 20, 2019

pumpkin pillow two!

two sizes of pillow-toss pumpkins
Pumpkin season has arrived, sooner than later this year! Cooler weather, shorter days.

After publishing the Pillow-Toss Pumpkin pattern, I continued playing and came up with a smaller version of the pillow. The smaller pillow measures about 9.5-inches across (the bigger pumpkin pattern measures about 12-inches). With a few edits to the pattern (see link to download below), you too can create a smaller pumpkin pillow!

12-inch pillow-toss pumpkin
Small-Size Pumpkin Instructions:
Knit the pumpkin the same as the original pattern, Pillow-Toss Pumpkin, up to the completion of Round 15 (78 its). Stop after this round. Jump then to Rounds 20-39 and knit the following pattern: *k13, p1*; repeat *to* to the end for 20 rounds.

NOTE: Change to size 11 dps at any time for ease of knitting. Place a stitch pin marker at this point to indicate the BOR.

Once the 20 rounds are complete, jump to Round 44, and begin the decrease rounds. Knit the rest of the pattern as per the original instructions. Assemble the smaller pumpkin pillow the same as the larger one, but use 2 to 3 total yards of Color B yarn for creating the furrow lines (instead of the original 4 yards).

For the smaller pillow-toss pumpkins, I don't attach
a knit leaf or curly vine. Just keep the smaller pillow simple and sweet. The combination of two pillow sizes makes a beautiful autumnal display!

Pillow-Toss Pumpkin Addendum download

Happy knitting!

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