Tuesday, October 31, 2017

happy halloween!

tartan-plaid pumpkin pattern
Wishing you a spooky all-Hallow's eve! Don't eat too much candy tonight . . . just enough to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Never too late to knit another pumpkin or two. Maybe you missed the Halloween-pumpkin-knitting-round, but now you're just in time for Thanksgiving.

Happy knitting!

NOTE: The pattern is Tartan-Plaid Pumpkin, the pins are Just Pins Halloween BOO collection, and the ghost is hand-made using white oven-bake clay and a sharp-end toothpick. I drew the face on it using a black felt pen.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

tartan-plaid and a bit of cable!

Tartan-Plaid Pumpkin
Yes, a new pattern has been published! Actually TWO new patterns! I am pleased to introduce: Tartan-Plaid Pumpkin and Cable-Stitch Pumpkin. They are on the market as of today (PDF-format-only) and I am excited to share. I now have three patterns as part of my 'knit-only' collection, no felting required.

I created the Pumpkin Patch last year with the intention of creating a trio of pumpkin patterns. Three very different designs, similar in shape but using different textures and detailing. In addition, they are sporting different stems: a knit, a clay and a branch stem. Don't be intimidated by the clay stem. It is quick and easy! I'll walk you through each step to completion.

Cable-Stitch Pumpkin
Have you noticed (or not), that plaid is really big this year, especially in fashion? I love the endless combination of colors you can incorporate with the notion of woven fabric. Don't be limited by the fall-ish colors: orange, red, browns. Create a pumpkin with the colors in your living room or bedroom: blues, raspberry, chartreuse. A great addition to your decorating and easy to change out each Autumn.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I had fun creating them for you. Happy Autumn! 

It's never too early and never too late to be creating a knitted pumpkin.

Happy knitting!