Monday, September 18, 2017

30% off sale!

* * * inventory sale - 30% off * * *
Yes, I confess, I still store some of my "stuff" in my mom's house: my boxed up wedding dress, the family baptismal gown, and several storage bins of my knit & felt patterns!

Well, my mom is moving on to greener pastures and it's time to pare down, for all of us, and that includes me.

For a short while, to reduce some of my inventory, I am offering a 30% off sale on almost all booklet patterns (not PDFs). So if you need a pattern or two for yourself or as a holiday gift for that knitter friend, well, now is the time.

Come check out my Etsy Shoppe to take advantage of this limited offer and shop ALL my patterns, kits, tools and more!

Design Update: Yes, I have started designing again and it feels good! Stay tuned. New 'KNIT ONLY' and 'NEEDLE FELT' patterns rolling out this fall and winter!

Happy knitting!