Wednesday, November 13, 2013

just a bit loopy!

woolly sheep pattern
I love to play when I can! and I sure have been playing with my Woolly Sheep pattern lately. I discovered the loopy stitch that creates little nubbies after felting. The felted version of this sheep is in the wash now as we speak.

I used Nature Spun worsted, Aran N91. It is a good, tried-and-true felting yarn. I knitted the exact same pattern but this time I added the loops, see above, every other stitch, on the knit rounds and every other round, starting just above the place where the leg holes are added (Round 8). It takes a bit more yarn obviously, but it is well worth it.

I have tried the loops with black yarn and LOVE IT! I will photograph the finished sheep and display them here in a day or two. Stay tuned!

NOTE: This pattern is now included in my new book, Whimsical Woollies.

Happy knitting!