Tuesday, January 1, 2013

pdf-style patterns!

I am now starting to offer pdf-style patterns available on my Etsy shoppe. Soon, all of my patterns, except for the nest ornament kit, will be available both in booklet and pdf formats. I personally love the booklet format and the feel of a printed pattern in my hands. But not everyone is like me, thank goodness!

Many customers have contacted me over this past year, putting in their requests for a pdf-style pattern. I have listened, believe it or not! and they are now available. I am still formatting a few others but soon all of my patterns will be available PDF-style.

I will have all them available for sale on Ravelry soon as well. Stay tuned!

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Happy Knitting!


  1. Personally I love the printed versions! The booklets are the perfect size for sliding in my project bag or basket. The 8x11 sheets are not nearly so easy to work with. So your patterns have especially appealed to me!!! BUT I love that you are providing the patterns in BOTH formats since there are many who like the instant access the pdf provides. I am looking forward to finding more surprises and delights in your shop this coming year!.

  2. Me too, Pam. But more and more people like using their little computers for knitting and storing patterns. I can't hardly keep up with it all! Plus my eyesight doesn't lend itself to reading the small print anymore! This year I hope to have more fun snowman ideas and patterns. You never know for sure what a new year of patterns will bring!