Monday, December 3, 2012

woolly santa gnome

woolly Santa gnome
NOTICE: As of January 1st, 2015 I have taken the Santa Gnome PDF off my website for downloading. My new book, Whimsical Woollies, is coming out in May 2015 and will have all the gnome adaptions in it. They are new and improved and all in one simple location. Thanks!

Today I completed the last of the PDF downloads for all the adaptations to the Woolly Gnome and Mushroom pattern. Many of you may already have this one, but for those who don't, here it is, just in time for the holidays!

This pattern has been a lot of fun to play with: Matilda the Witch, the Leprechaun and now the Santa Gnome. Remember that you need the Woolly Gnome & Mushroom pattern to complete the little guy. This pdf download is a supplement to the original pattern.

This Santa gnome's beard calls for curly mohair locks. If your local yarn store doesn't carry them, email me and I will direct you to a source. You can usually pick up a small bag or two at a local sheep and wool festival.

Happy knitting!

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