Tuesday, April 3, 2012

needle me this

chenille needles - pack of four

Why do I recommend chenille needles for most of my designs? Good question, easy answer.

When I was teaching myself to embroider on my wool projects, especially the Crazy Quilt Holiday Stocking, I went to the fabric store looking for a needle that was short, very sharp and had a large enough eye. The chenille needle has ALL these characteristics!

Short. For embroidering all my projects, no matter the size. And for getting into those hard-to-reach places. Plus, this little needle doesn't leave a big hole in felt pieces for applique.

Very Sharp. For embroidering those projects where you can't get your hand into, so you can work totally on the surface. Remember you only need to pick up a little of the wool to embroider on. No need to go all the way through the wool.

Large-enough Eye. So I can embroider using the same yarns I knit the project with, whether sport or worsted weight. Gives me that tone-on-tone look I love. Sometimes the feel of all wool yarns atop my wool projects is the perfect match. The chenille needle is also versatile for DMC embroidery floss, all 6 strands.

Embroidery is a little bit easier these days!

woolly eggs with embroidery

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