Thursday, January 19, 2012

Woolly Bunnies Pattern Revisions.

I have completed the changes to the Woolly Bunnies pattern and the new pattern has returned from the printer. These revisions are the result of many requests for back legs on the laying-down bunny. I also took the opportunity to reposition the front paws on the sitting-up bunny, as well as, moving his ears slightly higher on the head. The revisions are relatively simple and purely aesthetic.

I am new to the pdf download-business, so let me know if you have any troubles. Enjoy!


  1. Is there a reason you needed to use a download service? You can just upload the document to your blog put a link to the .pdf in your message (I think). I hate to have to sign up for another service.

  2. I agree, Lea-Ann. I want easy. The download service is free and you don't have to sign up either.

  3. I changed it and you can download directly above where it says: Woolly Bunnies Pattern Revisions.